Wadi Muthlim Trail & Kubtha Trail

This tour is great for those wanting to see more of Petra and get off the beaten track. Enter Petra via an alternative trail and explore the exciting canyon of Wadi Muthlin. This tour can be undertaken as a seperate tour or combined with any of the other trails. This trail is only available from April to November as this Wadi is subject to flooding. 

Trail Code WMEXT
Trail Name  Wadi Muthlin Extension
Trail Duration  05 Hours
Trail Distance   08 KM
Grade/Level Medium to Hard 
Start Point Petra Main Gate / Visitors Center 
End Point Main Gate
Trail/Tour Itinerary : 
This tour is starts from the Petra Visitor Center. Walking on foot passing by the Djinn Block and the Obliscks Tomb and just before reaching the entrance of the Canyon of the Siq we will Make a detour to the right side of the Siq and start the trek down the dry river bed that leads to the Dark Tunnel, which is the reason why it is called Wadi ElMuthlim cause "ElMuthlim" is an Arabic word for "dark" the trek will lead us through the Dark Tunnel, that was carved by the ancient Nabateans, to a narrow canyon that has beautiful layers of different colors in its rocks that will take your breath away.  You enjoy exploring the canyon that was formed by earthquakes and flash floods that left the rock face sculptured in a very smooth way. The trek through Wadi ElMuthlim will lead us to Wadi Mataha, Arabic word for "Maze" due to many different paths that you could easy get lost if you are not an expert of the area. We will make our way through the Vally passing by several ancient Nabateans tombs that look like onadehomes for bedouin shepherds. After walking for around 1.30 hour we will reach tomb of Sextus Florentinus Tomb that was once a tomb for a Roman governer of the city. You will be amazed by how colorful the monuments are. Then we will make our way up next to The Palace Tomb,  one of the Royal Tombs of Petra, where we get to reach a stair case that snakes its way up the mountain of Khubtha. After hiking the over 800 steps up the mountain, we will be rewarded with a breathe-taking view of the ruins of Petra,  including the Roman Card with some still standing pillars, the white roof that shelters the mosaic floor of the Petra Church and the Great Temple. We will make our way down the hill towards a cliff where we will be able to stand at the edge we get to see the most spectacular view ever over the Monument of the Treasury.  An awe-inspiring  view that takes your breath way!  
After resting there for a bit and enjoying drink a cup of tea we will make our way back to the Royal toms and passing by the Roman Theater, the Treasury then out of the ruins via the Siq to the main entrance. 
This tour duration is 5 hours. It cost JD100/ $145 USD.  The rate includes the guiding fees and it is per guide and per person.  It does not include the entry fees to Petra.
*To enquire about this trail's rate, please Request this trail  or send an email to: abdullahamra37@gmail.com 
*Regarding the Petra Entrance ticket:  You will need to purchase your own entrance ticket as it is NOT included in the price of the tour. 

*Here is the detailed Petra map:

*Click on the link to learn more about the Petra sites: https://www.google.com/maps/about/behind-the-scenes/streetview/treks/petra/ 

Trail/Tour Itinerary : 
Just before you enter the site you will see the Visitors Centre where you can purchase your entrance tickets(Or we can purchase/arrange it if it is included with our package) , You enter the Petra Archaeological Park (PAP) from the main gate in Wadi Musa. The walk from this gate to the entrance of the Siq, Bab al- Siq , takes 15 minutes at a gentle pace (downhill) and perhaps an extra 10 minutes returning (because it is uphill) i.e. 25 minutes.  So remember to add 40 minutes to your total time to get there and back. From the entrance to the Siq , The walk itself typically takes just about 10 minutes, and you will pass the Obelisk Tomb and Bab As-Siq Triclinium. Walking through the Siq itself at a leisurely pace will take ½ an hour. Don’t forget to look out for the Nabataean water channel on your left and the Nabataean ceramic water pipes on your right. Keep your eyes open for the Cameleer carving on the left side of the Siq as you walk towards the Treasury (Al Khazanah). If you look more carefully just beyond, you will see another set of camels heading upwards.  Notice the many niches all along the Siq representing the different deities.   Give yourself another 10-20 min  to explore the Treasury (Al Khazanah) itself, take lots of photos, and prepare yourself to discover a lot more.  After having walked through the Siq and explored the Treasury (Al Khazanah), carry on towards the Theatre, the Royal Tombs, the (Royal) court,  then walk down the Colonnaded Street towards Qasr al Bint, passing by the Paradesios (sp), the Great Temple  the Roman shops,  & Temenos Gate on your way. Have lunch and a break, perhaps visit the museums, before starting to walk up the steps to the Monastery.
You then continue by yourselves to the Monastery, 800 steps uphill ,  On the way you can take a short detour to the Lion Triclinium. This is a tiring climb but the views overlooking Wadi Araba are well worth it.  After you descend to the Petra Basin, and if you still have the energy, walk back via the Temple of the Winged Lion, the Ridge Church and the Blue Church and the Royal Tombs (Urn Tomb; Silk Tomb; Corinthian Tomb; Palace Tomb and the Tomb of Sextius Florentinus) before you exit the site taking the same route you came through.
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