Khubtha Trail and the bird's eye view of the Treasury

This trail should be combinde with the main Classic Trail starting from the main entrance (visitor Center). 

After enjoying the Walk through the Canyon of the Siq and getting to see the magnificent Treasury and spending some time exploring the wonderfull Facades' Street you have to make a detour upstairs to the Royal Tombs and then Climb up the 800 steps of Jabal Khubtha to enjoy a great panoramic view over the ruins of petra; like a bird's eye view of the Roman Theater, Colonnaded Street and the Great Temple and then head down to the magnificent Bird's eye view of the Treasury, a view that worth every single step you made up the mountain of Khubtha. you will have the chance to enjoy a cup of tea then head back to the main trail using the same route but this time down stairs :) 

The rate for this trail is 150 JD / $ 215 USD per guide